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“Direct response copywriters are like actors. They become the characters they are selling to.”

– Bill Jayme, legendary copywriter (1926-2001)


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These stood the test of time — for a long time.

Our Blue Chip Client List

  • “The “Outrageous!” concept has been the control now since early 2012 and has been impossible to beat. Now that’s outrageous!”

    Art Stupar
    Former Associate Publisher, The Nation
  • “You took our concept for MINDFUL, you understood it when others didn’t, and you wrote and designed the winning direct mail promotion for it. That successful launch owes a considerable debt to you. It has been great to work with you.”

    Alan Brush
    Associate Publisher Circulation, Shambhala Sun Foundation
  • “Jeff has written and designed a number of THE NATION’s winning packages. He understands our brand and writes in our voice, so his copy is tailored for our exact audience.”

    Katelyn Belyus
    Associate Publisher, Consumer Marketing, The Nation
  • “I’ve known Jeff for decades, and he is clearly one of the best copywriters there is … He’s very smart, very dedicated to direct response marketing, thinks strategically and conceptually and makes design an integral aspect of the overall communications goal.”

    Steve Tharler
    Tharler Directs
    Former president, New England Direct Marketing Association
  • “Jeff is a true copywriting gem. He’s been spot on in creating an emotional link to prospects and expressing the benefits of our product. He writes copy with wisdom, depth, and enthusiasm. I consider him a great creative partner and a welcome addition to any team.”

    Sandra Cochran Hunt
    Sandra C. Hunt Consulting
  • “We all agree … GREAT COPY! There’s nothing we want to change.”

    Formerly at Cabot Wealth Network

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