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Whether your goals are maximizing revenues, increasing ROI, or another metric through direct response copywriting for digital or print media, I can help.

For more than 35 years, I’ve been beating controls for a who’s who of magazine publishers, membership and nonprofit organizations, newsletters, investment services, and high-technology companies.

If your organization is committed to reaching or exceeding your performance goals, examine my portfolio below.

Your priority is growth. My priority is making it happen through persuasive direct response copy.

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For the best direct response copywriting & email marketing

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The Master of Direct Mail

Audience development direct mail package for Cricket magazine, Index 137 This test package for Oil & Gas Journal TRIPLED response, Index 300 Woodcraft magazine subscriber acquisitions direct mail package, Index 113 Full Package Request

Email for Acquisitions & Renewals

”We Want You Back” email renewal for Fast Company, Index 136 Inc. magazine’s “Got 42c a Month?” email renewal, Index 123 Full Package Request

Print Retention

Successful Golf Digest subscription renewal series Scientific American magazine renewal series Mindful magazine retention series New England Journal of Medicine’s “Journal Watch” newsletter renewal series Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery subscriber retention series National Review 8-effort renewal series. Copywriter, Jeff Laurie Full Package Request

Classic Letters

These stood the test of time — for a long time.

The Nation’s “Outrageous!” control package
Forbes magazine’s “Who is the most interesting person in the room?” subscriber acquisitions letter
Harvard Business Review’s classic sales letter, “Your career isn’t just about money, is it?
The “100 Greatest Books Ever Written” continuity series sales letter

Our Blue Chip Client List

Testimonials for Jeff Laurie and Co., direct marketing creative services


“I have been involved with marketing subscriptions for over 30 years.
During that time, I have worked with many people who try their hand at creating effective promotions. Only a handful of talented copywriters consistently get strong results.

Jeff Laurie is at the top of that list. He is the first person I refer my magazine publishing clients to when they are looking for a direct mail package, a new renewal series, email promotions or more....
...The reason I turn to Jeff is not because he hits his deadlines. Not because he is so easy to work with. Not because I never have any production problems with what he delivers. Not because his fees are reasonable.

All of these things apply to Jeff. But the main reason Jeff Laurie is at the top of my list is because he consistently creates new controls,
producing work that delivers better results!"

Rebecca Sterner
Circulation and Audience Development Consultant
Art Stupar
“The "Outrageous!" concept has been the control now since early 2012 and has been impossible to beat. Now that's outrageous!”

Art Stupar
Former Associate Publisher, The Nation
Alan Brush
"You took our concept for MINDFUL, you understood it when others didn't, and you wrote and designed the winning direct mail promotion for it. That successful launch owes a considerable debt to you. It has been great to work with you."

Alan Brush
Associate Publisher Circulation, Shambhala Sun Foundation
Katelyn Belyus
"Jeff has written and designed a number of THE NATION’s winning packages. He understands our brand and writes in our voice, so his copy is tailored for our exact audience."

Katelyn Belyus

Associate Publisher, Consumer Marketing, The Nation
Steve Tharler
“I’ve known Jeff for decades, and he is clearly one of the best copywriters there is ... He’s very smart, very dedicated to direct response marketing, thinks strategically and conceptually and makes design an integral aspect of the overall communications goal.”

Steve Tharler

Tharler Directs
Former president, New England Direct Marketing Association
Sandra Hunt
"Jeff is a true copywriting gem. He’s been spot on in creating an emotional link to prospects and expressing the benefits of our product. He writes copy with wisdom, depth, and enthusiasm. I consider him a great creative partner and a welcome addition to any team."

Sandra Cochran Hunt
Sandra C. Hunt Consulting
"We all agree ... GREAT COPY! There's nothing we want to change."

Formerly at Cabot Wealth Network

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